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Changing the window size of RVE

Question asked by gford on Mar 14, 2014
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I launch RVE and the window appears small. I want to set the window size. I'm not sure on how my company has things set up, but it appears that there is a .rvedb file with the following contents:


*layoutServer: Cadence:Virtuoso

*cmnMainWinGeom: 1240x975+31+79

*cmnUseDbSpecificOptions: 0

*cmnUseUserDbSpecificOptions: 0

*cmnViewName: MdiClientView 4

*lvsAutoFilterViaLayersInHighlight: 1

*lvsShowLayerHLIndex: 1

*cmnHighlightFilter: layer {1 {metal1_net metal2_net metal3_net metal4_net metal5_net metal6_net}} device {0 {}} window {0 {{} {}}}

*cmnLayerColors: {metal1_net #0000ff} {metal2_net #39bfff} {metal3_net #268c6b} {metal4_net #ffe6bf} {metal5_net #ff00ff} {metal6_net #d9e6ff}

*drcShowEmptyChecks: 0

*drcNamedFilterCurrent: Show Unresolved

*drcLastViewedHierarchy: Cell Check

*autoUnhighlight: 1

*drcRveWinPos: last

*lvsRveWinPos: last


I tried changing the *cmnMainWinGeom: 1240x975+31+79 value, but it didn't seem to affect it.


Is there any document that lists what the different options are and what they do?


Thank you for any help.