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    Style set Query


      My customers require custom schematics to fit their requirement,

      In many cases I have to take the same design (schematics), and change them to fit customer needs.

      I noticed that in the style set there is an option called query and I can turn on and off visibility based on three options; part assigned, included on bom, included on cut chart,


      Can I create customer specific querys, where I only show parts of the schematic which are assigned to that customer.


      Or is there another option to create customer specific schematics so that I dont have to make a new project for each customer.

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          Hi Lucas,

          VeSys 2.0 supports only one "style", whereas Capital can support many styles for wiring and harness diagrams.

          Also, VeSys 2.0 has only the fixed queries that you found, however with Capital you can create custom queries.

          So the answer to your question is no, it is not possible for VeSys to use customer specific queries - for that you would need Capital.