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    Timing Model for TI DSP TMS320DM8148




      We have setup the HyperLynx tool for first time and have been reading about the tool and its usage from the boardsim user guide. We would be carrying out post layout analaysis for the DDR3 Interface in our PCB which uses the TI DSP - TMS320DM8148. We carried out some interactive simulation as a starting point and things are going on pretty good!

      We have been trying to setup the HyperLynx DDR Wizard and just started collecting the information on data related to the timing model for the DDR Controller. We realised that the datasheet or the technical referance manual does not publish any information regarding the timing parameter not any timing waveforms for the DDR controller so that we could modify the ddr3_ctl.v default file.


      Have any of you guys had a chance to work on this chip?If so,how did you manage to get the timing information? I have been in touch with the TI guys but they seem to indicate that the DDR controller complies with the JEDEC spec. If thats the case, can i just use the default timing model file?


      I can aattach the datasheet/TRM if anybody wants to have a look at it. Alternatively, it is available to download in the TI website.



      KS Padmanabhan

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          Hi guys


          Anyone ever encountered this shortage of information regarding timing information from TI previously? One of the TI employee conveyed to me in the TI's e2e  forum that the TI support model does not cover providing timing information related to DDR controller and is only limited to layout recos and software tools for this particular chip.


          What other alternate way do we have here? Please share your thoughts.