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    Drawing Editor - "FindCell" does not recognize, when manuel delete a Cell...


      I use 'PutComponent' in a script to place a local cell on any sheet in my Drawing Editor (.mdf).

      And I check before the place command, if the cell isn't already placed yet! and principle it works fine...



      Dim Placedcell : Set Placedcell = pcbDoc.FindCell (CellToPlace)
      If Not Placedcell Is Nothing Then
           MsgBox "'" & CellToPlace & "' is already placed!",, "Place " & CellToPlace
           Exit Sub
      End If



      Buuut... if the cell is already placed and you delete this cell now, than, even when you save the document after deleting: "The command FindCell thinks, it still is placed" !!! Only when you close the Drawing Editor and reopen it, FindCell checks the changes on the sheet.


      hmm... maybe is there a way to refresh the list, which the command FindCell is using - so that the tool works in each situation?