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Setting Up DxDesigner

Question asked by kenneth.a.conner on Mar 26, 2014
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I'm in the process of setting up my DxDesigner installation in the Expedition Enterprise Flow 7.9.5.

I'm following the "Getting Started with DxDesigner in the Expedition Enterprise Flow" document.


On Page 9, it requests that you check for a "Pre-Existing DxWDIR Folder". I didn't have one so

I skipped to the topic "Copy DxWDIR GS Data to Local Location" on Page 10. I skip down

the page to "Get Design Data from Local Software Tree" and I created a directory named:

C:\Users\kac...\Mentorg_EE\DxWDIR. I then copied the file to my DxWDIR directory

and unzipped it from there. I then follow the instructions for Pages 11-22.


On page 23, Figure 2-6 Item #4 states: "In the Location field, enter or browse to the

C:\temp\DxWDIR\DxGS directory. My installation does not have such a listing.


Previously, I had created a unique directory and path for the DxDesigner DxGS files and now I

want to know if I should use that unique path for the DxGS Template Location query? I assume

this Location Field will describe the location of my project.


I've attached two images, one is of Pg. 23 Figure 2-6 and the other is my directory structure.


Note, that before I began to follow this document I installed my license of Expediton and in the

process I created a WDIR directory for my work named: C:\Users\kac...\Mentorg_EE\WDIR\DxProjects.


Please note that in the path listing I must use kac... to hide confidential information.


Thank you