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Problems with packaging multi-gate parts

Question asked by Jowosammadenn on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by robert_davies

After working with previous versions of the software I have some problems with DxDesigner EE7.9.5.


One of these problems:
I had a lot of unused gates of some multi-gate parts. So I assigned the reference designators of these parts manually. Now when packaging I get a lot of errors like


    ERROR: Block ..!...-3, Page ..., Symbol $1I3411:<!#!><objindex>576463763263424530</objindex>
      Reference designator/pin number conflict.
      The symbols with Reference Designator IC27 have a
        packaging conflict because this symbol has pin 16
        connected to net ... while:


    INFO: Block ...!...-3, Page ..., Symbol $2I296:<!#!><objindex>576464037953405574</objindex>
      Reference designator/pin number conflict. (cont.).
      shows the same pin connected to net ....  Please either
        correct the error manually or remove a Reference Designator
        or Pin Number (for multi-gate parts) to force one of these
        symbols to be repackaged.


I understand what it means: The gate is used twice. But what to do now? As recommended in the INFO message I deleted some pin numbers but I think it did not help much. Do I have to delete all pin numbers of one of the gates or just one pin number?

I probably could manually assign the slots with the pdbslot command, but I really would prefer that the software does that automatically. What other possibilities are there to tell the packager it should keep the reference designator but choose the slots automatically?