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    gate swapping transformer windings.


      I'm using PADS 9.2 and DxDesigner.


      I have a common-mode choke-a four terminal device; for the purposes of discussion, think of it as a transformer.  I want to be a able to swap the two input pins with the two output pins; in other words, I want to be able to swap the input winding with the output winding and back-annotate that from Layout to DxDesigner.  Now, I suppose I could set the the two windings as two gates of a heterogeneous part.  But I don't want to;  the windings are not really individual gates-one won't work without the other.  Further, if I have multiple devices, Layout could conceiveably swap windings in different transformers, and that's just plain wrong.


      Soooo, any idea how to handle this?




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          That sounds too complex for PADS to handle, as you indicated there are many gotchas.  I think a DxD symbol with the inputs on the left and the outputs on the right may be the simplest.  You can swap the mirror the part in the schematic and then pass the info to Layout; I don't see a way for Layout to handle that and pass the info back.  Maybe someone else has a better way.