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Help on mobile licensing with hardware key/dongle

Question asked by xc on Mar 31, 2014
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We have a  PADS2005 SPac1 that has not been used for a couple of years. Recently we re-installed the software with the LicenseFile.txt from back in 2006. When I attached the USB dongle the LED light on the dongle is lit. But when I try to install license I got an error message "The hardware key number in your license file does not match the number of the key attached to the computer..." even though I checked the two numbers match eatch other.


When I run lmtools that was installed with PADS program, the FLEXID field is emtpy.


But if I use Mentor Licesnse Uility (v.2.1.1), then choose "Run Lmtools" from Tools menu, it can identify the correct FLEXID.


And when I run in windows command line "lmutil hostid -flexid", the returned host ID is empty, (The FLEXnet host ID of this machine is "").


Does this mean that the dongle is fine but we need a new/updated license file? How can we get one?


Thanks in advance for your help!