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    Customised Menu's



      Hi All,



      I have created my own custom menu's for AutoCAD/VeSys so I don't have to keep swapping between AutoCAD and VeSys menu's.  I have created three custom toolbars two of which are populated with commonly used AutoCAD commands, the 3rd has the vports commands (so you can do really cool split screen working) as well as some icons.  If anyone is interested in having a copy of them reply to this post and I'll mail them over (only $9.99 per icon....;) just kidding!!!



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          I have uploaded my example menu files to a website, there are 2 sets one for versions of AutoCAD upto 2005 (mns files) and one for AutoCAD 2006 onwards (cui files).


          1. Click on the relevant link (depending on your version of AutoCAD.

          2. Extract the zip file contents to your VeSys Design and VeSys Harness installation directories

          3. Depending on your version of AutoCAD type either 'menuload' (for the mns files) or 'cuiload' for the cui files, select the menu file included in the zip file.


          MNS Files:  www.eds-design.co.uk/downloads/mns_files.zip



          CUI Files:  www.eds-design.co.uk/downloads/cui_files.zip






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            Is there a way to get the extra menus permanent, so they load automatically at startup?



            I have done "cuiload" with the autocad standard menus before, and just tried yours.



            I get an error mesage saying "vesys_menu_2007_lt.cui is an incompatible format and can not be overwritten" when loading the cui file, the menus and toolbars get loaded anyway.



            The viewport icons doesn't show up, only a ? for those two buttons. I copied everything into "C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series". do I need to move the icons somewhere else so the program can see them?






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              You should be able to get the menu's to be permanent if they are standalone and not part of the VeSys/AutoCAD menu files, so rather than add a toolbar to VeSys you need to create an additional menu file that also has toolbars.  My menu's should be completely independant from the vesys_menu_2007_lt.cui and should be loaded seperately.



              You will need to place the cui files and the logo's in the VeSys Design or VeSys Harness directories (I'd recommend both), I'm not 100% sure but I think the files and their icons should be in one of the nominated 'Support File Search Path' folders.



              Let me know if you are still having problems.



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                Oh almost forgot to explain the reason you get the error about  the cui file being an

                incompatible format :D.  This is because it was likely created on a machine that

                was running a very recent version of AutoCAD like 2008 or 2009, this writes a cui file that is readable by earlier versions of AutoCAD but they cannot edit it because the xml file contains data that AutoCAD doesn't know what to do with hence they made it read only.

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                  I had some problems getting the cui file to not to dissapear after relaunch of the program at first.



                  Found out that if I put the path to it in "Autocad options/files/customization files/Enterprise customization file" it would work.



                  I haven't been using Autocad before Vesys, so this may be obvious for more seasoned Autocad users. However that's how I got it to work.



                  By the way, the split screen feature is really useful.



                  Thanks for the tip.



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                    That is strange that the menu's should have disappeared, but its useful to know how you managed to get it to work.



                    I too like the split screen it makes it so much easier to work on large drawings, glad to hear you got all the menu's working in the end though!