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    Locale Issue In 7.9.5


      After install of 7.9.5, I just found Viewdraw now has Chinese Menus in  Windows 7 Chinese . I tried to set back to default English by set Environment variable Lang to C, but It still have weried Chinese labels.  The Chinese menu labels are weired and I can't understand what it really means.  I also install up-to-date Hyperlyhnx 9.1, OMG, it also have Chines menus,  however Chinese labels in Hyperlynx 9.1 are better, most of them are meanful.


      Locales support is welcomed by some of users but it should let user to select which locale they need. It's very awuful to have Chinese menu in Viewdraw and English menu in ExpeditionPCB and it's terrible to see ridiculous Chinese labels.