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    location maps in EE7.9.5 on Linux


      Can old school style (BA/DA) location maps/soft prefixes that define paths to project areas be used in EE7.9.5 on Linux? I want to declare soft paths to project areas e.g. $PROJECT_X /projects/projectx $PROJECT_X_DESIGN_1 /projects/project_x/design1 etc I want to see $PROJECT_X_DESIGN_1 in the Welcome screen in Dx.

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          Only environment variables are supported, not location maps.

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            Ok, thanks for that, so where/how are the envs setup?

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              See the adminstrators guide on setting 'soft paths'.


              System Administration for DxDesigner


              Preparing your Environment for Project Development

              > Setting Soft Pathnames



              Any variable can be quoted in settings as ${variable}

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                Setting Soft Pathnames

                You can use environment variables with soft pathnames in .prj files or DxDesigner dialog boxes

                that require a pathname to a file or directory.

                Assume a variable definition:


                To use the MY_DEMO definition in the DxDesigner setup for something like the path to the

                project file, the path should appear as follows:


                The variable starts with a “$”, followed by an open bracket “{“, then the variable name, and

                terminated with the close bracket “}”.


                This is vague. It doesn’t tell me what file should be edited to achieve this. If it means the projects .prj file, then it doesn’t tell me under which SECTION the declaration should be made, or what KEY should be employed.


                And why isn’t the locmap.cfg file mentioned here either?


                This is surprisingly vague considering there must be a lot of customers who want their old Board/Design Architect location map entry system back!

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                  Location maps as supported by DA are not supported across the Expedition flow and neither will they be. Depending on what you want to achieve environment variables are supported, but only in a number of places in the project settings such as Central Library location, DxDatabook location etc.

                  From your initial question, where do you want to see $PROJECT_X_DESIGN_1 in the welcome screen? I doubt the tools support what you're asking for.

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                    You could use a variable that would appear in the New Project dialog that would expand to the correct location, but once a project is created the expanded path is shown in the 'Recent' pane of the Start page. The variable would be declared in the DxDesigner.xml for the New Project Location setting:


                    <key name="NEW_PROJECT_LOCATION" value="${NewProject}\EEVX.1"/>


                    Here ${NewProject} points to a location on my hard drive (in this case declared as a UNC path:  NewProject=\\gbn-rdavies-w7\Projects\EEProjects


                    In the Create New Project pane it is shown as ${NewProject}


                    But in Recent Projects it gets expanded to the full path \\gbn-rdavies-w7\Projects\EEProjects\EEVX.1\Project1


                    But you can only have one variable working at a time as there is a single key in the DxDesigner.xml file.