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How to convert Allegro BRD file to ExpeditionPCB?

Question asked by olsmir on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by aleropcb

Hi All,


Does anybody have an experience in converting Allegro BRD file to ExpeditionPCB? My platform is Windows7.

I've got Allegro BRD file and now need to translate it into ExpeditionPCB.
For this, I have downloaded Allegro Free Physical Viewer 16.6 from Cadence site and also added Allegro To Expedition Translator to my EE7.9.5.
Then I follow allegro2exp.pdf documentation:


1. I've set three environment variables:




2. I've set the environment variable for Cadence:

   Then I have created \pcbenv within D:\MyCadence and copied all the *.il files from \7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\translators\skill_scripts into D:\MyCadence\pcbenv folder.


3. I've successfully opened my BRD file in Allegro Free Physical Viewer 16.6.

   In Command pane I've typied the following command:
   skill load ""


   However, this command failed, with the following message:
   Command not found: skill load ""


Does anybody have any advice?