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    symbol editor pin select


      I'm having a hell of a time selecting/moving pins in Symbol Editor.  The only way I can select a pin is to drag a box around it, I can't just click on the pin.  Even when I do ultimately get the pin selected, I can't move it; as soon as I click to drag the pin, it becomes unselected.  Sometimes, I can drag a pin, but it seems to be random whether I can or not.  This is a symbol I created, the problem doesn't seem to exist with Mentor parts.


      I've poked around, but can't seem to find any setting that makes this work.

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          Update: This problem only appears on SOME of the pins, maybe 50%

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            Is there anything common amongst the pins you can't move? Are they the same length as the ones you can move. Is there any text or properties overlapping? How are your filters set up (three buttons on the UI)? Is it dependent on the side of the symbol etc. Can you provide the symbol file?

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              I have found that the pins need to be ON GRID. If they are off grid they are nearly impossible to manipulate.

              If that is not annoying enough, I have found that OFF GRID pins cannot be put on grid. Usually I have to remove them and make new ones.

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                Pins snap to grid as soon as you select and move them unless you switch off the grid snap temporarily. If they're off grid then it is likely your grid setting is different to the original setting. I've not found any issues with selecting pins, but maybe there is something different in your settings and the original posters.

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                  Okay, here's what I've found.  I originally had the Properties select turned off (because I only wanted to select a pin; with the Properties select turned on you can get a pin AND an adjacent pin number).  Anyway, I turned ON Properties select, moved an adjacent property(pin number) away and then I was able to select the pin.  If I DIDN'T move the pin number, then the only way to select and move the pin was to select BOTH the pin and adjacent pin number, move them BOTH and then put the pin number back where it belonged.  I also found that making the font for the problematic pin numbers smaller solved the problem.  When selecting the pin number, it's apparent that the text box surrounding the pin overlaps the adjacent pin.


                  I'm attaching the symbol file in question, just so you can see the problme.  Try selecting/moving pin number T13 (lower right corner) for example.


                  I guess the solution is to make all the pin number text smaller.

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                    Yes, that is just what has happened. Unfortunatly we have several people making symbols, not all agree on grid to use. This has caused a ton of heartache. We have a better situation now, forced folks to work on one grid. Still some legacy symbols about.