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    Transient current


      Hello everybody,


      I am doing decoupling analysis for one power net.How to calculate the Peak Transient current ?

      Total input current combined for all the DDR IC is 792.00mA .

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          Got the answer


          Maximum Transient Current:

          A short-lived oscillation/decay in a system caused by a sudden change of voltage or current expressed as a function of time exponentially. The universal time constant formula is given by-

          Change= (Final-start)(1-e-t/τ)

          ITransient = Imax (1- e-t/τ)


          τ= L/R

          e= eular’s number ≈ 2.7182818

          e.g. t=1 sec , τ= 1

          Itransient = Imax(1- e-1)= Imax* 0.6321 ≈ 0.5*Imax


          I think this is correct .