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Decal Editor slow to open a decal

Question asked by sivaluna on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by chuckt

I have noticed that as my part library has grown, it takes longer and longer to open or save an individual PCB Decal in the Decal Editor within PADS Layout.    My usual process for entering a new PCB decal is to modify a similar existing decal with the new dimensions I need and use File > Save As...      This is because most decals have more common properties and I don't want to enter the same information (origin graphic, Ref Des location, Courtyard, etc.) every time.   It is much add two pins and adjust the Component Body Outline and Dimensions accordingly.


I can select the Decal I want to edit nicely but the Decal Editor then sits there for up to 5 minutes.   Windows tags this window as (Not Responding) until eventually a Part Type window pops up to let me know which Part Types use the PCB Decal I selected.     The same thing happens when I try to save the newly edited part.   A Part-Type search takes place. I have never cared or done anything in this window but click [Cancel] and get on with the task I actually _want_ to do.  


Is there some setting, registry hack or configuration to tell the Decal Editor to stop searching for information that I don't want and actually open the thing I want to open?