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What is the Linux command to launch Mentor Graphic's DxDesigner and Expedition PCB?

Question asked by marinetroops on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by marinetroops

Hello people!


We just installed MentorGraphics' DxDesigner and Expedition PCB on our common Linux server /ece/mentor/ee7.9.5.

After reading MentorGraphics' user manual, my feeling is that I need to  draw the schematics in DxDesigner, and the layout in Expedition PCB, and  then do DRC/LVS/simulation in HyperLynx - please correct me if this  flow is incorrect or can be simplified.

However I do not know how to launch DxDesigner or Expedition PCB in  Linux. So far all the manuals and tutorials are for Windows.
Can someone give me the Linux command to launch these tools? Thank a lot!