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    Regarding Connectors


      Hello Everybody,

      I have HDMI connector on my board and have to do signal integrity analysis for HDMI signals, but didnot have the IBIS model for that. The connector used on board is

      SD-47151-1002 . Kindly suggest me how to do it, if anyone is having connector ibis model then kindly send .

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          Usually passive components like connecotors, resistors, capacitors can't be characterized by IBIS model, instead, S-parameter model should be used for them.

          Regarding your connecotr, it seems it's a Molex connector, I suggest you connect with Molex for its S-paramter model.

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            Thanks bruce,


            Kindly eplain a bit how to do simulation with s-parameter model.

            the sceneraio is   Processor -----> HDMI connector . from there it is going to some other board .

            We don't have any information about the other board . how can we do the simulation, in this case

            i think we have to model the connector in IBIS form then only simulation could be possible.

            Kindly share your views,am i correct?

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              For S-parameter simulation, just do a search in HyperLynx help, you will get what you want.

              If you have no information on the board you want to simulate, my suggestion is to forget about the simuation in such case, otherwise you will be misleaded.

              Any simulation which can't represent the features of real board is just garbage, and sometimes even worse.

              So try to know the board you want to simulate, that's the first step you should do.

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                Hi Bruce,


                I know the informations abt the board which i have to simulate but didn't have information abt the other board.

                i just want to model my connector as receiver and do the simulations .