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    DxDesigner to PADS Property




      I have been using the DxDesigner link in PADS to ECO my boards from the schematic. I wonder if someone could outline the important properties that get moved from DxDesigner to PADS and what properties go where. For example, I have been putting the name of the decal that I want to use in the DEVICE and PKG_TYPE properties, and one of those seems to work to place/update the decal, but I think I could be making much better use of the symbol properties.


      Another question, do people typically ECO the design rules (clearance, trace width, etc.) back into DxDesigner, or is that left in the PADS design?



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          DEVICE is used to uniquely identify a 'Part' something that you would buy for the board, say a memory. PKG_TYPE defines the decal used in PADS, many DEVICES will use the same decal (PKG_TYPE) so it is more efficient to have many devices using a single PKG_TYPE rather than duplicating the information.

          I can't answer for your second question on clearance rules, the question might be better posed on the PADS PC community.

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            What properties do you think you want to send to the PCB?  It is possible to transfer most properties by editing the startup files and configuration of the PCB transfer.


            I have passed, Height, Description, Value, and even the Datasheet hyperlink.