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How to generate  the Netlist in Pads logic and bring the netlist in Layout ??

Question asked by kabaleeswaran.K.R on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by jduquette

Hi everyone,


>> i have doubt how to bring the netlist and how to generate the netlist in Pads logic i am using Pads 9.5

i export the netlist in .asc file format from Pads Logic and then imported in Pads Layout for first time.i followed second time, not importing any components .i want to know how to generate the netlist for pads logic and how to bring the netlist in pads layout.please reply for this question also


i have the schematic in Pads Logic, in that C30 and C31 are same parts.but i  assigned  the C30 PCB decal (Footprint) as Tantalum pars CT3528 as well as assigned 0805 package for C31.After importing the netlist in Pads Layout.i got Alternat Decal parts  circulated in image file in Pads Layout.i don't know this procedure is correct or not ??