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Alstom convert library with lms2expedition process. ALE v3.0 bug for 7000 parts

Question asked by michel-c.bernard on May 7, 2014
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First i am new registered on mentor communities. I don't find ALE download.


My first try is on windows xp, ALE v3.0 downloaded from Marco Spini (Mentor

support Milano) last year. I want to rename some symbols (double symbol names

generated modified with simple names).


When i execute ALE v3.0 on a library with 2000 parts, I launch rename

symbols file and process is ok.

When i execute ALE v3.0 on our complete library (7000 parts), i bug during

process with message and task deleted.

One line rename symbol file or 3000 don't change anything. It seems pdb

database out of order.


What do you suggest to me ? (other tests, ALE v3.1, upgrade windows 7, ... ?).




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