Xpedition Ranking

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Xpededition Layout   Ranking  #1


It's Top-notch Place and route technology and have best of collarborative technology. If you turn to Xpedition from  anthor tool whic

h also be one of  powerful and worldwide-use platfroms, I bet you at least can get 30%+ productivity improvment in individual design mode and get nearly 60% productivity improvment in collarborative design mode. With Xpedition in yourhand, you find place and route is full of injoyment.


Valor NPI  Ranking  #1


It's the only Industry golden signoff tool for PCB.


Xpedition Designer Ranking  #1


Excellent overall performance, although not every aspect is in 1st.


XDM Library Ranking #1


Best libary management and is scalable to Entperise-scale Electrical Data Managment System without any 3rd party PLM system as the  backbone.


For signal integrity and power intergrity catagory , I can't rank Hyperlynx because there is no tool suite which have all capabilties you required and you have to use multiple tool suites. Of course, in most of aspects, Hyperlnx   is a very good  tool for hardware designer and layou professional.  I am looking forward Hyperlynx Pro with disruptive technology coming soon.

I believe that Xpedition is the office-like tool suite in our industry. Let's see what happed in our design community next years