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    Xpedition Ranking


      Xpededition Layout   Ranking  #1


      It's Top-notch Place and route technology and have best of collarborative technology. If you turn to Xpedition from  anthor tool whic

      h also be one of  powerful and worldwide-use platfroms, I bet you at least can get 30%+ productivity improvment in individual design mode and get nearly 60% productivity improvment in collarborative design mode. With Xpedition in yourhand, you find place and route is full of injoyment.


      Valor NPI  Ranking  #1


      It's the only Industry golden signoff tool for PCB.


      Xpedition Designer Ranking  #1


      Excellent overall performance, although not every aspect is in 1st.


      XDM Library Ranking #1


      Best libary management and is scalable to Entperise-scale Electrical Data Managment System without any 3rd party PLM system as the  backbone.


      For signal integrity and power intergrity catagory , I can't rank Hyperlynx because there is no tool suite which have all capabilties you required and you have to use multiple tool suites. Of course, in most of aspects, Hyperlnx   is a very good  tool for hardware designer and layou professional.  I am looking forward Hyperlynx Pro with disruptive technology coming soon.

      I believe that Xpedition is the office-like tool suite in our industry. Let's see what happed in our design community next years




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          Thank you for your post and for your endorsement Yanfeng! You're right, there is a lot to like and a lot to get excited about in the VX release of Xpedition Enterprise.


          For those of you who are intrigued by Yanfeng's comments and want to learn more about the Xpedition Enterprise VX release, we invite you to view our VX webinar series.



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            Six hours ago,  I saw an annoucement in Nimbic ' site ,saying Mentor Graphics have aquiredNimbic now. 

            I don't have experience with Nimbic's nCloud, but I have experiences with Ansoft and Sigrity, so I can imaging that how coming Hyperlynx Pro which  be dilivered to our desktop with cloud-base 3D EM solution change our design process and bring real values to every digtial designer with super easy-to-use, fasted speed etc.

            Great done!