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    DxDesigner - strange behaviour


      Hello All,


      I'd like to ask you about one of my problem with DxDesigner tool... does anybody bumb into the same problem as me is?

      I have reinstall the EE2007.3 4th update on my NOTEBOOK dell with Intel dual core processor... T9300, 2,5GHz, 64bits


      The problem which I'll be describe occurs only on NOTEBOOK (my).

      It is problem with placing by pushing the buttons of special components... I assign e.g. GND symbol to Ground and try to place it..... what happend after pushing the button? nothing... It seems that no symbol is mapped to this button.

      This GND symbol I can place by pushing the POWER button... seems like It would be shifted ... see my video from DxD tool:




      Play it with the WebEX player... for webex presentations



      I tryed to install it on PC and there it is not the same but right.



      Many thanks for your opinion


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          Thank you for the demonstration. Can I ask for more information?


          In the Project directory, open speccomps.ini and verify the file is not read only.


          If the file is writable, post or send me the details. gary_lameris@mentor.com is my email.




          Below is how my file looks for one project.





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            I have seen similar behavior when installing an update on top of an existing "modified" base install.  For example; I have moved the "View-Symbols" icon from one toolbar to another in EE2007.2.  After I updated to EE2007.3, I needed to remove that icon tempoararily then replace it again.  Then everything started working correctly again.









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              Good morning Gary,

              thank you for your interest in this


              There is not problem with rights on my disk space.... all files here are full controlled.. without some permissions.

              My speccomps.ini file looks similar... I have only Power and ground configured.


              To Rusty: thanks for your note too... I have tried it but it isn't a solution for my notebook.


              Many thanks boys


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                I would like to add some other strange things about net pins. I have logged a SR with Mentor about this, but maybe there's sombody out ther ewho can tell me the correct way to create net-pins...



                I have a new project with a lot of floating voltages and gnd-refs. Therefore, I am not satisfied with the normal bunch of net pin symbols supplied with DXD. I have to create more of them - a lot more of them. Trying to use the symbol wizard was not helpful. There is no "Net-Pin" property that can be set. Next choise is to simply copy an existing symbol. So for "-15V" I copied "-12V" and went on to edit the symbol.



                The symbol "-12V.1" had a property called "-12V" with no value attached to it (It also has a NETTYPE = -12V but that's another story). This property "-12V" is not editable, nor can I create a new symbol with an arbitrary property name that can be set to eg. "-15V". I find it extremely frustrating not being able to right-click on a property and edit the name of it. This can not be done and I would r e a l l y want to know why....



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                  Hello all

                  concerning this strange behaving - I was pushed to reinstall the whole my NTB and install there a new Mentor Graphics tools.

                  Now I have there PCB tools of 2007.3 and 2007.5... this problem is out! I had another problem - I saw the buttons for simulation in Hyperlynx Analog greyed... now it is OK as well


                  I'm glad.



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                    You don't say which version of DxDesigner you are using, but for 2007.x in the Expedition flow to create power/ground connections you use what are referred to internally in Mentor as TAP symbols. You will see a number of them in the supplied library. These are symbols with the following characteristics:


                    They have a single pin. They must be a PIN type component (Symbol Type = PIN) and have a Global Signal Name property which equals the voltage you require, say VCC, VDD, 12V etc.


                    When placed on a net the net inherits the name and is seen as a global signal i.e. it will connect to other similarly terminated nets and to implicit power and ground pins defined in the Part Database whereever they appear in the design.


                    You can also override the Global Signal Name at the sheet level, so replace Global Signal Name = VCC for example with Global Signal Name = VDD. It will only affect the instance of the symbol you replace not other instances of the same symbol in the schematic.


                    Personally I create one 'TAP' per required voltage and save them in a partition in my Central Library. I then add these symbols to the Special Components file from Setup - Settings. This method allows graphical differentiation of the voltages. See the Sample Library with the install for examples (SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007).


                    If using the netlist flow, PADS or other back-end the basic symbol is the same but has a NETNAME property instead of the Global Signal Name property.