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DxDesigner - strange behaviour

Question asked by MaBUa on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2009 by robert_davies

Hello All,


I'd like to ask you about one of my problem with DxDesigner tool... does anybody bumb into the same problem as me is?

I have reinstall the EE2007.3 4th update on my NOTEBOOK dell with Intel dual core processor... T9300, 2,5GHz, 64bits


The problem which I'll be describe occurs only on NOTEBOOK (my).

It is problem with placing by pushing the buttons of special components... I assign e.g. GND symbol to Ground and try to place it..... what happend after pushing the button? nothing... It seems that no symbol is mapped to this button.

This GND symbol I can place by pushing the POWER button... seems like It would be shifted ... see my video from DxD tool:


Play it with the WebEX player... for webex presentations



I tryed to install it on PC and there it is not the same but right.



Many thanks for your opinion