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    Connecting a disconneced bundle


      Hello- when i have an open ended bundle that i want to connect to another bundle, sometimes I can drag the node to anywhere on the bundle and I will get the Node Positioning Utility, which is expected. However, most other times when I do it, the node is just visually placed on the bundle and no connection is made (no node positoning dialog, can just drag wire off again)



      Try same action twice:

      bundle breakout.png

      Most results:

      bundle breakout not connected.png

      Some Results: (desired outcome)


      bundle breakout connected.png



      Is there a concrete/fool-proof way of doing this without just playing around and hope I get lucky? I zoom in when releasing the node, to make sure it is on the bundle, but it still wont happen most of the time. I guess im looking for the functionalty like on a connector, you can RMB -> move and it will connect to an open node. (or fool around with placing that on a node and sometimes it 'grabs' it.)

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          Hi Eric,

          I like your idea for an RMB->Move, you should create an IDEA on our ideas website so that it gets tracked (http://mentorideas.brightidea.com/iesd).

          As for why is it sometimes working and not other times, I think it has to do with wether you are "stretching" the bundle end (you see the cursor change from a four arrow vs. two arrow cursor), if you stretch (two arrow cursor normally associated with resize) then it lets you join the bundle. If you move the bundle (four arrow cursor) then it just moves it.



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            Indeed, verifying that I had the two arrow symbol  (stretch) was the culprit for joining nodes. The operation seems rather odd- I would hone down the cursor so i'm draging the node, not the entire wire, but now also have to pay attention for the move or stretch option for the node.. I can't imagine a real use for the move, but then again, my knowledge of VeSys is still pretty limited.

            Thank you for the answer.