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Discussion created by henry.yiu on May 12, 2014
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I am using Xpedition and want to write a simple VBS script to place via array.  Okay, so I can use the script to open the "Edit->Place->Via" dialog box, but how can I enter the X and Y location into the text box using the script?  There are only three methods: FindButton Method, FindCheckBox Method, and ProcessCommand Method, and none of these is useful to get to the text input box.  Why there are no FindTextInputBox Method for dialog box, etc?


I can enter <Tab> four times using the keyboard to get to the text input box, but I don't see a way to send keys using the script.


The other way is to use the KeyIn command, but unfortunately, the "pv" keyin command does not support coordinate input: "pv xy=100,100".


So is there any simple way to place via array using script?