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    FormBoard layout


      What's the best way to handle long nodes distances on a full scale formboard?  we using an E size plotter so we can print 36 wide and x long but I'm having problem getting the nodes to layout correctly.

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          We export the scale harness sheets as a dxf file. open this with Autodesk TrueView and you can print 1:1 from there.

          Hope this helps.



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            Thanks for the reply but the issue is not in printing but in the layout, if you have a harness with 25 nodes and 3 of them are 300 inches long what the best way to make them fit to scale on a E size plot, my max formboard area is 36X200. In order to maximizes production we try to make the formboards as small as possible.  

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              Have you created print regions?  You could paste them together on your target board.




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                That a possible solution but there should be a way to  manipulate the nodes around the fourm board so we can have a continues run. this is also used as a process check to insure proper wire length. I have attached a not to scale drawing that I would like to create a fourm board for but not having much luck creating S bends on the long runs.

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                  Are you using the bundle pallet in VeSys 2.0 Harness to create the bundle bends, it should let you quickly add your "S" shapes on your full scale harness.