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What happened to the Layer Association option in 9.5?

Question asked by david.ricketts on May 20, 2014
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The Layer Association option on the Setup Layers menu is missing on my installation of 9.5. It does exist on version 9.2. So what happened? Do I have a bad installation? Or was it removed?


Long story, a customer changed the name of the Assembly Drawing Top layer. It broke the top/bottom association. Renaming the layer back to the original didn't work. ASCII-ing out and back in didn't fix it. Reloading the libraries didn't fix it.To fix it, I had to export to a version 9.2 ASCII file, reassign the association, then open it in 9.5. Well, the fix itself didn't take long, but it took me over two hours of looking through the documentation to realize 9.5 doesn't have the Layer Association menu, figure out a possible solution, and another 1/2 hour to download and install 9.2.