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How can I change symbol properties inside a reusable block

Question asked by on May 21, 2014
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I like to add some properties on symbols which are inside a reusable block.

For example I created a logical reusable block and added the property "variant info" to a symbol inside this block.

After that I verfified the block and placed them inside the host DxD-Schematic.


Then I can push into that RB (on the top it shows "Schematic is a Reuse Block) and select the symbol with the variant info property.

But I can't add an instance value to the "variant info" property by pressign right mouse button -> add instance value -> input value -> return.


Is it possible to add properties to symbols in reuse blocks in general and if, what is the correct procedure / way to do it?


Thanks for your help in advance and best regards,