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    circuit move and copy


      Hi ,

                        while performing circuit move and copy in expedition pcb if the coppied section contain decoupling capacitor connected ,while pasting the capacitors in some section is differing by reference designators (i.e)they get swapped between sections connected to similar supplies how to avoid this mismatch in copy paste how to get the same reference capacitors in the schematic while pasting to avoid bom conflicts kindly help me


      thanks and regards

      agxin mj

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          Hello agxin mj,

          circuit move and copy (cm&c) is tricky.


          In the older releases of Expedition it will behave like you have seen and there is nothing that you can do about it. You are stuck with this, because the way the tool searches for decoupling capacitors is to grab the first available capacitor, that still complies with net connectivity.


          In the latest versions of Expedition, the cm&c command has been changed to allow to review the parts selected before you do a copy. This is of great help, but for optimal execution, you still need to manually set the ref designators of the components in the schematics before you start cm&c. This way you will be able to quickly check if the components belong to the group of components that are from the same "logical block". If not you have a drop down menu that allows you to choose the right component.


          So if you are using EE that is older than EE7.9.4 you are really out of luck. If you use the latest EE7.9.4+ you will see an imporvement in the cm&c command. Just remember to assign the refdes in front to allow a quick check.


          Hope this helps


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            thanks for your reply sir

            I am using 2007.4

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              We found out the best approach is the following:


              1. Create a localized instance of the channel of circuitry you want to copy X times
              2. Make sure you have decoupling on the same pages and near/tied to the device (if possible)
              3. Isolate this from any other connectivty that is not common across all locations
              4. Compile>place and route> finalize this first channel
              5. make a copy and renumber with suffix _1 in the pcb tools
              6. R1_1, U1_1, C1_1
              7. Copy this schematic and make _2,_3 pages for the remaining channels
              8. Run the copy circuit as normal. -
              9. The fact that the ciruits are the same and there is a common suffix aids in the detection of the circuit.
              10. You will also specifically know if something is incorrectly matching on the next set.

                Internally at National Instruments we wrote automation that does all of this for us.
                also as a side note the steps are changing in the VX release and integrated vs seperate function.