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    Unplugging / Unmating Connectors


      Hi all


      I created a connector with mating plug and recepticle parts


      When I create the plug in the design, it automatically creates the mating end, which is really nice.


      However can I over ride this, or "unplug" the connectors without breaking association with its mating end for future drawings? Reason being, I want to draw the recepticle on one page, and the plug on another page.






      I essentially want to avoid this:




      and do this: (fudged in ms-paint)


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          This is actually a pretty embarasing question because I figured it out shortly after posting.


          I've been using inlines and using the design tree so much I totally forgot you can just click the plug or recepticle option from the top and draw the individual symbols, then assign the correct part number to each. A pretty good brain-fart.



          You can tell how much I used that option with the styling turning out like that...



          But to slightly redeem myself, is there a way to seperate an inline after you already created one?

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            Unfortunately, there isn't any way to split an inline but I think that would be a good idea, since lots of customers want to place the plug/receptacle on different diagrams but actually maintain the "connectivity" (used by analysis).  Drawing a separate plug and receptacle doesn't give you the connectivity unless they appear mated elsewhere in the design.