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    dx designer net connectivity



                    I need to jump from one net (source pin ) to the other page where it is connected to (destination )

      how to make this navigation without using links in schematic how to do this by using page connectors ?

      Is there any option for navigating to the sheets where ever a net is connected without using find option? can i use a symbol used as off page connector as

      a link

      thanks and regards

      agxin mj

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          The linking mechanism with the 'jump to' feature only works for link symbols, but these are just 'annotate' type symbols, which, apart from hierchical connections, may be used for inter-page and intra-page connectors. So if you are not concerned with traversing hierarchy then use annotate symbols for inter-page (between sheets) and a different symbol for intra-page (across the same sheet). For more of a dicsussion on the use of inter and intra page connections take a look at the discussions on DRC-121






          Also refer to the on-line help.

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              Links are the new name for onsheet/offsheet page connectors.  Links are not hierarchical in the current versions of the software.


              For a link to jump, there are 4 rules.

                   1.  The symbol must be of type Annotate (onsheet and offsheet symbols)

                   2.  The symbol must have a pin (it does not need to be connected to a net)

                   3.  The symbol must be listed as a link in the special components file

                   4.  The linked symbols must have the same name on the schematic.  (If the name matches the net name it is best)


              Jumping can be accomplished by:

              1. Hovering over a link depressing the Alt key, until the mouse changes to a hand symbol, then Left Mouse Button click.
              2. Selecting a link symbol, right mouse button menu jump...