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Empty net name in DxDesigner

Question asked by sebastian.duszyk on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by MENTOR_Shannonk

Hello DxDesigner experts !


I have the following problem in DxDesigner EE7.9.2 flow:


I have the design that has been translated from Design Capture a while ago (the translation went without problems).

The Property Name for several nets is empty under DxDesigner. Net name is correct in Expedition as well as in CES.

It has no influence over the integrity of the project but it causes several errors reported by drc-002 after running verification in DxD.

For the sake of drc validation I want to go down to the bottom of this propblem.


These nets are properly matched with Expedition and the design is fully synchronized (I assume that matching is done basing on Id property in DxD since it has exactly the same value as the net name in Expedition).

I've been trying to assign the net name manually but I can't see the desired net name in DxD when scrolling through the list of net names (after selecting net) - strange !.


Empty DxD net name.jpg




Are empty net Name properties under DxDesigner the effect of the translation ?

Is there any way to assign the proper net name in DxD without deleting the whole net and loosing associated CES constraints ?


Kind Regards

Sebastian Duszyk