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    Empty net name in DxDesigner


      Hello DxDesigner experts !


      I have the following problem in DxDesigner EE7.9.2 flow:


      I have the design that has been translated from Design Capture a while ago (the translation went without problems).

      The Property Name for several nets is empty under DxDesigner. Net name is correct in Expedition as well as in CES.

      It has no influence over the integrity of the project but it causes several errors reported by drc-002 after running verification in DxD.

      For the sake of drc validation I want to go down to the bottom of this propblem.


      These nets are properly matched with Expedition and the design is fully synchronized (I assume that matching is done basing on Id property in DxD since it has exactly the same value as the net name in Expedition).

      I've been trying to assign the net name manually but I can't see the desired net name in DxD when scrolling through the list of net names (after selecting net) - strange !.


      Empty DxD net name.jpg




      Are empty net Name properties under DxDesigner the effect of the translation ?

      Is there any way to assign the proper net name in DxD without deleting the whole net and loosing associated CES constraints ?


      Kind Regards

      Sebastian Duszyk

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          If you don't asign a net name to a net it assumes a system dfined name (the ID). As this is matched in CES and Expediiton there is no need to check DRC-002 (this is a test for user assigned names not the system defined UID). If you are happy with the migration from DC to DxD, nothing has fallen off the board for example,  then I would not bother running the migration DRC checks (00x). If you want to assign a name to the net just type in a new name, the list in the properties dialog only lists names that currently exist in the database, so unless you want to assign one of these then leave it blank or create a new name (with the connection you show you shouldn't assign a pre-existing name, DxD connects nets by name and you would probably create a short somewhere in the design by doing so).

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            Hi Robert,


            Thank you for fast and detailed response. This is exactly the piece of information that I was looking for and was missing in the documentation (or at least was hard to find).

            Are there any additional DRC related hints documented somewhere besides the DxDesigner Reference Manual ?


            I am exploring DRC checks and it would be nice to know more about the topic first hand instead of trying to figure them out.


            Kind Regards

            Sebastian Duszyk

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              I'm going to diagree just a bit with Rob - I think it is a good idea to run the drc-000s on all designs, not just those projects that have been migrated. It is just a personal preference but it is easy enough to accidently fat finger a bad name (TE$T instead of TEST) and there is a check that can find that for you.


              TechNote mg572963: DxTopics: Verify (Design Rule Checker) covers many of the common questions about the drc checks and has links that go into great detail (including videos) on using (what they mean and how to fix) the 000, 200, 400 & 500 series checks.

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