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    It annoyed me for years that testpoint can't be transfered to Boardsim


      Many years, I always tried to let Mentor deal with this issue. In 2010, I request it again and I found this issue not be solved yet. Mentor said it's of scope to my request:

      Traces with ICT testpoints get broken in Boardsim. This symptom occures in any version of Expedition pcb, including 7.9.This issue may be in Expedition pcb side and we also logged it many times, but no reply received. We hope HL team can contact Expeditionpcb team to solve this issue



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          I know you asked for this to be fixed in the tool but a workaround is to assign the TP's write out the .hyp file and then write a script that edits the .hyp file and adds the pad in.


          You can get the X, Y, NET and at least the nat of the padstack from Expedition with this:


              Dim comp As Component
              Dim comps As Components
              Set comps = pcbDoc.Components(epcbSelectAll)
              For Each comp In comps

                  If comp.Type = epcbCompTestPoint Then
                      X = comp.AssemblyOriginX
                      Y = comp.AssemblyOriginY
                      Net = comp.Pins.Item(1).Net.Name
                      P = comp.Pins.Item(1).CurrentPadstack.Name
                      comp.Highlighted = True
                  End If


          Now you just need to add a piece that opens the .hyp file for editing, finds the real P value PADSTACK name in the hyp file and adds that padstack to the end of that nets section.

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            Hi Kendall,


            Hyperlynx 9.1 supports .CCE and .TGZ files, so We can Export .CCE or ODB++ file first, then load it into Hyperlynx 9.1, All testpoints will be reserved.

            The question is that there is no CCE or ODB++ file exporting menu while you wanna do SI analysis durintg a Xtreme session. Tne only way is clicking menu  Analysis-> Export to Hyperlynx SI/PI /thermal, and testpoints which also  used as transverse via get eliminated and nets get brokened in boardsim, althoug it's

            also based on .CCE.


            To reparire this hole, it's total a simple action and I explained many times. We used to use Automation on cases where our requirment are special for such as  crossprobing between Cadence Concepthdl and Mentor Xpedtion. A  general usage issue should be solved by  the tool's builtins, not let user to develop customized script for covering issues which are real bugs. I really don't understand what Mentor guys are think of this issue. That's an annoyment to me because there are other issues exist long time but seems Mentor never taken any action.