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    Set write permissions based on user?


      We would like to allow users to read DxDesigner schematics for projects that they are not part of, but deny write access.


      We are using EE7.9.4u6, and we use concurrent access using "server mode".  By default all engineers have read access (windows file permissions) to all the project directories to allow them to re-use / share information between projects.  However it seems that DxDesigner is unable to open a design unless the user has full read-write access.  Trying to open a design on a drive (or DVD) that is read-only results in an error.


      Is it possible to set read-write permissions on only a very small sub-set of files that would allow an engineer to open the design as read-only?  e.g. <proj>.prj


      We know about starting DxD in readonly mode, and have shortcuts for it, but this is about denying write access through file permissions, not about relying on people using read-only mode.

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          Currently this is not supported and it seems you've posted an enhancement request on Ideas.

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            Sorry, I thnk that I didn't ask the question clearly.


            The enhancement request is to allow DxDesigner to open a project without needing any special permissions.  I understand that at present, this is not possible.


            This question is to ask what permissions are needed; e.g. is it only 1 file that needs read-write access, or every single file in the project folder? (I seem to remember that in DC, only the .PRJ file needs to be writable).  Our current solution is to grant all users full read-write access to all project and design documentation


            Additionally, if only the minimum permissions are given, does the design open only read-only?  (I'm suspect that with concurrerncy and server, that it is actually the server that does the design changes, so even if the user doesn't have write access to the project database, the server will still make changes when the user moves things)

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              For design data access control, Mentor have considered to market xDM


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                I searched for xDM on the Mentor website, and the only results were for xDM Library Management (DMS).  We already have a very comprehensive component management system, and DxDatabook loads it's libraries from that.  We don't have any access problems with libraries.


                Is there a different xDM that isn't on the Mentor website?  Are there details available?  Why can't DxDesigner use windows file permissions, like any other windows program?  Will xDM allow us to open a design backed-up on a DVD?


                In my company, engineers are assigned to projects, and assigning them to a project grants them write permissions on the whole project.  What we would like is that engineers not directly working on a project might be able to open the schematics of that project, without having full project access permission.  e.g. to look at the schematics, or to copy parts of circuitry already designed in another project.

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                  EDM (a control release) now be renamed as XDM in Coming VX.1. It support design team to check in /out design data and control the access to data, generates dashboard for design status everyday. It also support a web-based collarborative viewing of  Layout and schematics. I suggest you contact with Mentor account manager to discuss requirement~