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    How to point to the Scout.ini



      I have a custom Scout.ini file in my corporate directory I would like all engineers to use, would I use the netlist.prp to point to my corporate directory?

      The document called Cross-Referencing a Design is not clear on this. I also noticed a line in the scout output that shows a "-idcbdir" but I'm not sure what this is about.



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          The netlist.prp file is not used for this purpose, it controls the properties associated with parts on your schematic, their format, syntax, visibility etc. SCOUT should use the WDIR path to look for the configuration files so if all users point to the same location(s) then they should see the same settings. The WDIR path can be multi-level, we recommend three levels though it is not limited to this number: User Wdir\Corporate WDIR\Installation tree. This enables users to share many common settings across the tools but personalise some for their own benefit.