PartQuest Beta Changes / Coming Soon

Discussion created by dave_brady on May 29, 2014

Since PartQuest is in beta, we will be changing it significantly as new functionality becomes available. Some of those enhancements will be in direct response to your requests.


This discussion thread will keep you updated. We will document new functionality as well as our tactical release plans.


New Functionality:

  • 6/12/2014:
    • User Accounts Activated (PartQuest User Logins)
    • PartQuest Community
    • On-Screen instant help (Use the Help button at the bottom of the PartQuest page)


  • 5/29/2014: No new features to report


Coming Soon:

  • Sandbox Persistence
    • Currrently parts in your Sandbox expire when your web session is over (or timed out)
    • Soon => Your Sandbox will be stored in your Dropbox and re-loaded when you log into PartQuest


  • Digi-Key User Account Integration
    • The PartQuest and Digi-Key engineering teams anticipate a mid-July release
    • Digi-Key and Mentor Graphics are using the industry standard OAuth to implement multi-site user protection
      • Mentor Graphics (PartQuest) NEVER has access to your Digi-Key user name or password (that's the beauty of OAuth)


    • You need a Digi-Key user account for two fundamental reasons:
      • If you want to upload a BOM to Digi-Key for pricing or ordering
      • If you want customer / company specific pricing in your search results
      • Note: There are other services that Digi-Key supplies to users with accounts (Visit the Digi-Key website to learn more)