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How to update root block in PCB?

Question asked by ren.nicolaisen on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by chris.smith

I am currently using Design Capture / ExpeditionPCB EE7.9.5.

When I copy a project that is using Classes & Clearances, I will delete the .icdb folder in the new project and have DC recreate it without issue.


I have started to use CES (since the understanding of CES is a prerequisite to migrating to Dx) and I need to preserve the .icdb folder content and rename the root of the project inside the .icdb folder.

During the Project Copy process, I don’t encounter any issues with DC, but when I forward annotate the PCB, I encounter several ‘error’ or ‘warning’ messages.

Although the process is successful in the end, I am wondering why I am receiving so many warnings and/or errors.

Is there a way to eliminate these? (They all center on the root block being changed in the PCB.)