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page connectors

Question asked by agxinmj on Jun 4, 2014
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          I have  a doubt regarding the usage of connectors

I connected a net  (ABDF) to a pin in  an ic in the ist block  the net is connected to the another  IC in the third block ,so I used hierarchical connectors;

initially , when I connect this net with the hierarchical connector ,I took the symbol of input connector from dx data book and connected the symbol to the net as shown





now the net name is automatically assigned to the connector name

now I renamed the net to (QWER) but my connector still retains the previous name(ABDF) how to make the connector get updated with the new net name automatically by renaming the name in the net what should I Do for the connector name to get syncronized with the net name automatically for all the page connectors .



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