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    Issue in Dx Designer


      I am new for Dx Designer,last month only we bought PADs softwae with full fetures so I have some basic question.


      While designing my circuit I having the following error


      Schematic1 com $2I387 Multiple symbols MISC:CAP0603 device CAP0603, are inconsistent error no : 6138


      I cant understand whats the meaning for this error & how to solve ?


      I want to know the cross probing application & how to establish the cross probing in PCB layout



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          TechNote mg23135 explains error 6138


          TechNote mg562765 details cross probing between DxDesigner and PADS Layout

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            Thanks for your reply.


            But I am not able to access the link. The following error was displaying while clicking the link.


            You may not access this page.


            Please help to solve this issue.




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              If you have a support contract you should be able to request a SupportNet login. There should be a "Request Login" button on the same page as the error.

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                I am facing another issue I am not able to generate the Net list due to this issue.


                Visit message locationpcb: Note 6057: Schematic1 sym PASSIVE:CAP: DEVICE=: Bad property value

                View help for this messageError 6035: Illegal length 0


                What is the meaning for the above error.


                Its because of attribute value than same value was used in all other component.


                Please refer the attachment for reference.

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                  you should have a valid DEVICE attribute value for all the devices

                  it will help the dxdesigner to create the parts file

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                    Can you give the example because I am using same value for all other parts but it showing error for onle 3parts.

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                      This error appears when the property has no value at the symbol level. I mean, you added DEVICE as property but you should define at least question mark as value (DEVICE = ?). If you leave it empty, the error comes up. Do the change, update the symbols on the project, and regenerate the netlist. On the same time, you could avoid this error on the PCB interface on the second section, Advanced, you can add an exception for this particular thing (the error 6138). In the field Exclude Message by Number (Space-Delimited), just type down the error number, 6138, then you are asked to save the PCB configuration and no more this error.

                      There is another source of such error, when for different instances of the same symbol, there are different attributes associated to the symbols. Symbols with same name but different extension (.1, .2, .3), MUST have the same attributes list, only graphical representation could differs.

                      I suspect that the first error source is on your case.On the other hand, if your company bought PADS last month, I guess you could access Mentor Graphics support and check throughout the database on the messages you get. A second help channel would increase the change to have the thing solved as fastest. Probably a test case you could sent that way. Working on a test case sppeds up the solution.


                      have a nice day



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                        TechNote mg29989 shows how to modify the cfg file to allow zero length property values at the symbol level.


                        Also as Sravan & Catalin pointed out you will probably run into the 6138 if you don't have valid (and unique because they are usually part numbers) DEVICE values. This error and solution are covered in TechNote mg23135.


                        If you aren't on support there is info in the documentation PBC Interfaces manual for both of these errors.