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    reading in un encrytped HKP files


      I have a set of ASCII HKP files form a vendor and would like to turn them into a design database but I must convert them to encrypted HKP files first. Dataconvert.exe returns an error [Unable to find a license for feature "decryptonly" no licenses were found for 101110 feature] I thought the convertor was included with the software and am surprised to see that I need a license to run it. Am I missing something?  Craig

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          It is not included, in fact the decryptor is a seperate install. I would recommend you contact your sales contact & AE.
          We had to provide justification in the past, but after approval we received keys and access to the installer.


          • 237618-PCB Data Converter
          • 245964-PCB Data Decryptor
          • 245965-PCB Data Encryptor
          • 245966-Library Data Encryptor




          Details from an older email thread:


          In February 2008 we announced plans to remove the ability to export and  import HKP ASCII data into and out of Expedition PCB and the libraries. We also  announced alternative methods such as Automation to interact with our system to  access design data.  This plan has not changed and is driven by the needs of  ensuring data integrity throughout the flow.


          Use case information has been important for us to assist you to migrate to  alternate methodologies, especially when 3rd party tools were  involved in the process. Thank you for your help!


          Many customers have moved to alternatives, such as ODB++ for 3rd party interfaces, or transitioned to Automation.  Since the number of new   requests is significantly reduced, we can simplify the authorization code  delivery process.


          1. Authorization Codes (License Files)

            Your authorization codes will now  be provided for the duration of your Mentor support contract. Perpetual HKP  authorization codes will be automatically delivered at the same time as other  authorization codes when you renew your support contract. You can also log-in to  SupportNet, click on  “Licenses” in the upper left, and download your authorization code file at your  convenience.  Since you were approved previously, there is no need for you to  re-submit your use cases.

          2. Satisfied Use Cases

            We will start posting use cases and alternative  solutions in the HKP Community.  In this community we will also provide  examples of Automation scripts addressing common use cases. We recommend that  you subscribe to this community and check periodically for updates. If your use  cases are proprietary, we will engage with you directly if needed.

          3. Authorization Code  Discontinuation

            Once your use case has been  satisfied, we will notify you and ask you to change your current methodology to  the new recommended solution. Authorization codes will be renewed for up to 12  months following the notification to give you time to transition.


          While we remove HKP dependencies, all existing resources in the community  will remain available. This includes the HKP Exchange, an updated FAQ, webinars,  and Automation tutorials.


          Please send a detailed email to ascii_answers@mentor.com,  if you have any questions or concerns.