PartQuest User Accounts

Discussion created by dave_brady on Jun 12, 2014

The PartQuest user account credentials (username & password) are your Mentor Graphics user account credentials. You must have a Mentor Graphics user account to use PartQuest.


  • If you do not have a Mentor Graphics user account, click here to set up a new account. There is no cost to registering a new account.


The PartQuest user account features will evolve quickly and begin by simply associating your Dropbox "token" to your Mentor Graphics account, which will eliminate the need to log into Dropbox and authorize PartQuest with every new PartQuest web session.


Technical Notes:


  • Your 3rd party (from a Mentor Graphics perspective) user credentials are NEVER exposed to Mentor Graphics.
    • Mentor Graphics NEVER has access to your Dropbox (or Digi-Key) username or password.
    • When PartQuest needs to read or write to your Dropbox account for the first time:
      • PartQuest sends the user to the Dropbox website (via a special URL that also tells Dropbox where to send the user when account validation is complete)
        • The user logs into the Dropbox website
        • The user grants (or denies) PartQuest access to a very limited location within the user's Dropbox account
          • Dropbox creates a special root level folder called "Apps" that is used for 3rd party tool integration
          • Within "Apps" Dropbox creates a folder named "PartQuest"
          • PartQuest is granted read / write permission to the "/Apps/PartQuest/" folder ONLY


        • Dropbox then sends an encrypted "token" to PartQuest (and sends the user back to PartQuest)
          • PartQuest associates this "token" to your Mentor Graphics - PartQuest account
            • The Dropbox association is maintained within PartQuest only—it is not associated with other Mentor Graphics web services available with your account credentials.
            • PartQuest uses this "token" when issuing read or write web API commands to Dropbox.