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PADs netlist upload: part with incorrect decal

Question asked by shorton on Jun 13, 2014

Good morning all. My latest upload had a part associated with an incorrect decal. The part in the LIbrary has the correct decal associated with it but on the schematic the same part name calls out the incorrect decal. On netlist upload, PADs "created" a new part/decal association and plopped the part on the board with the incorrect decal coming from the schematic. How is that possible? I am not new to PADs but this is a first on me. Doesn't Library rules what is to be uploaded? "Compare Part Decals" was selected. That part with that particular decal does not exist in the Library. Why did it not flag it as a missing part? What is the point of spending time to make sure the Libraries are correct if during upload anything goes?  If the decal that is being called out on the schematic exists in the Library, whether or not it is associated with the part, it will be associated during netlist upload and not be flagged as a "missing part". Upload only flags when the PART name, or Decal name, is not found. I have been thinking all along that upload process looked at the combination Part/Decal. Have I been wrong, and lucky, all this time, or something changed in the upload process? Of course it could be pilot error, and if so flag me please. Thanks.