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    Creating Special components



      How can I create special components in a library, such as NC, gnd, etc? To be more exactly, symbols for "gnd" and "vcc" were as builins in a library, but NC needs to be created.,

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          I'm not exactly sure if you are asking how to build the symbols or how to add them to the Special Components menu.


          TechNote mg527127 shows how to build a term (aka NC) symbol. 

          TechNote mg520126 shows how to add symbols to the Special Components menu.


          If you are not on Support you can find the Term Symbol process explained in the DxDesigner Symbol Editor manual and the Special Componets addition is detailed in the DxDesigner User's manual.


          There is a sample term symbol in the builtin partition of the Sample lib in the Mentor Install. $SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007\SampleLib.lmc

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            If you look in the Sample Library builtin partition there is a No Connect symbol called 'Term' you can either use this as is or use it as a basis for your own (install path \SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007). This is also documented in the DxDesigner Symbol Editor manual shipped with the documentation set in the section:


            Managing Symbols

            > Creating a No Connect (Terminator) Symbol


            These 'no connect' symols have a specific use as indicated in the DxDesigner User's Guide section:


            Building a Schematic


            Component Connections in a Schematic


            Connectivity Editing

            > Preventing Errors for Unconnected Symbol Pins and Dangling Nets (Net Stubs)



            They are used to terminate net stubs on unused pins in your symbol graphic (see attached), and they prevent certain warnings in DRC and single pin net reports in the packager. They should not be used through hierarchy or on power supply nets such as VCC or GND (Taps) as they prevent the net from being passed to layout.


            These should not be confused with the 'no connect' or NC pin types defined in the Part Database (Part Editor) which are used to tag unused pins in a cell.

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              Thanks a lot

              Till this time i`ve never seen NC symbols as "terms", just as a crosses. "Term" is a builtin symbol, but creating it again was a useful experience

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