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    DXF PCB export question


      Hello together,


      I tryed to export my PCB as DXF file for our construction.

      It seems to work all except die text elements of my PCB (assembly top / bot), he told me that the text elements don`t scale with the PCB.

      So if he try to zoom inside the PCB to work with the DXF file, the texts are still as big as they were before he zoomed inside.


      There are some setups that I missed?


      Greetings and thanks for your help.

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          Now we got again the problem, time to bump this topic.


          Mentor .dxf exports seems to be text elements for the texts.

          Altium seems to generate lines as text (and no text elements)


          The line version by altium would help our construction, but the dxf export function dosnt have any option for this.

          There isnt a single option if im right? Im just able to select the layers i want to display on the dxf export.


          Maybe this helps a bit to solve this problem.