SI analysis feasiblity for system with PCB and harness

Discussion created by Luckii on Jun 19, 2014



I need a suggesting to identify the tool solution in SI analysis involving PCB and harness


Planing a system with 2 PCB and harness.


First PCB consists of FPGA and its outputs connected to buffer device.Buffer device output connected to micro-D connector and  connector outputs connected to harness ( flex pcb / flat wire ). The second PCB receives these signals from harness through nano-connector.The harness length estimated for 0.5m to 1m.Total signals are 30-40. Is it feasbile to do SI analysis as a system considering the 2 PCBs and hareness in Hyperlynx.Does Multiboard analysis supports to do model the PCB and harness ( flexi PCB / flat cable).


If not in Hyperlynx any other tool solution availble in this reqiurement.


Rgds, Lucky