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Forward to PCB, ECOGEN failed

Question asked by kent.liu on Jun 23, 2014

Hello expert,


I meet a problem in the PADS Dxdesigner follow..

We are use PADs layout+Dxdesigner(PADS version 2007.). During the scheamtic capture, we defined the nets property in several net class, like the diff pair, 50 ohms group, etc. However, when I try to forward the schematic into the PCB, we meet an error called " ECOGEN failed". I checked the err report, it's say "Could not find net "OUT_CB233" for the net class "CBIT", this is a net which I assign to a net class in the schematic. It seems something wrong during loading the net class to PCB.

I deleted the netclass information for the net "OUT_CB233", and try again, the error still appear, this time , another net in this net class apper the same error. 

I don't know how to fixed it,. I go back to the schamtic and check the config for the function of "create the PCB netclass". In the column of the Constraints, I remove the "PCBCLASS" from the "Being passed to Layout" table. Then I forward the schematic to the PCB successfully.  However, this is not what I want, because, the netclass information in the schematic do not forward to the PCB file. I need this netclass information to do the layout.

Does anybody know the reason and tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance.