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Resistor value is displayed incorrect on schematic

Question asked by greg.hall on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by greg.hall

I have a 2.2 MEG Ohm resistor which I place on my schematic.

When I then package the schematic it is displayed as 2m2 (which is 2.2 milliohms)

I need it to remain and display as 2M2 (large M)


I have other high value resistors 1.5 Meg Ohm and 10 Meg Ohm, when these are placed on the schematic they appear correct as 1M5 or 10M.

It appears to only be the 2M2 Resistors that has a problem.


Units display with library manager is set to European.


Is there some local setting within the design which is causing this error.

This is on a Expedition/DxDesigner flow version 7.9.1 design.


Additional information;

I have tried adding the same part to a different design and the value displays correctly as 2M2.

The problem does seem to be related to the one design but how do I correct it for that design.

Attached is a picture which shows the same component on two different designs one with the correct value shown (2M2) and one with the incorrect value shown (2m2).


Any ideas how to fix?


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