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syntax for formulas

Question asked by dan.barbour on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by john_dube

I cannot figure out the syntax for entering a formula that uses Pin-Pairs.  The CES Help  shows syntax like


<{\NET01\} - Length or delay must be less than that of NET1.


and a pin pair seems to be described like this


a pin pair (for example, \U1\-\3\@\U2\-\3\)


So if  wanted a net to be constrained to be less than a specific section of a different net (DQS needs to be shorter than the CK signal from the controller to the IC connection, ignoring the length to the Vtt termination)


It would seem that I should put something like this in the Formula Field for the DQS net so that the DQS is always less than the pin pair segment.




But I must be missing something because it indicates that this is in error.  Can anyone help correct this?