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    How to use HyperLynx to simulate my board?


      Dear All,




      I  am designing a board for my chip using ExpeditionPCB. I have already finished the schematic by DxDesigner and the layout by ExpeditionPCB.


      My question is, how can I use HyperLynx to simulate my board performance, especially the phase difference between a signal traveling in two traces on the board?


      I know some virtual window tool provided by Mentor called HyperLynx Virtual Lab, but how can I upload (and convert) my local PCB design to their virtual server and let Mentor simulate it?


      Any help would be deeply appreciated... Thanks a lot in advance!



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                   do you have hyperlynx installed in your machine ?if you have then go to analysis in expedition PCB  and the select export to hyperlynx si

          this will export a hyp file and the ref file in the output directory.if you don't I think in virtual lab with hyp file you can try this

          now open this hyp file with the hyperlynx tool and you can simulate you nets in the board by this tool