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Create fractured symbols from a source file?

Question asked by fred on Jun 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by jimvr4

Hi group.  I have a long history with DxDesigner (back to ViewDraw) but not in the past several years, I've detoured through OrCad, CadStar, and KiCad.  Starting again with version 9.5 and the ES suite.


If I remember correctly I used to import FPGA output pin/pad files directly into the symbol wizard to create hetero symbols, some work required but the result was good and very flexible.  Is this functionality gone now?  I see that I can import a CSV file and create a single symbol directly from that, or I can use the symbol wizard to create a fractured symbol and import a Verilog or VHDL file.


1)  Is there a way to create a fractured symbol from a CSV file?

2)  Or is there a way to create a symbol from a CSV import, and then fracture it later?

3)  If I import a Verilog/VHDL file through the symbol wizard is there a way to supply pin numbers too?


I don't mind massaging my CSV source file into any format that will allow me to import the information directly, I just don't want to create 324 pins from scratch with names, numbers, and directions.  In this case it's a custom ASIC so no files from ISE/Quartus/etc. or third-party symbols.


If this functionality is (no longer!?) part of the library editor, has anyone created a tcl script or external tool to do this?  Seems like it would be of use to a lot of people.