How Long It Takes that Valor NPI done DFM Checks on Your Bigest Design?

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Luckii

As design get larger and larger, we found Valor NPI run time begins to be an issue. On some of Allegro databases, it takes 8 hours ~12 hours for fab and assembly checks. Here is a typical break down of total running time for those databases:


Power and Ground Checks taken 60~90% times

Netlist validation taken 10-30% times

other total taken only 10%


I have been morniting Valor NPI process and found it  need hours to do following process due to very tiny slivers in database


Power Pads Processing

Enlarging Plane shapes

Generating Shapes Netlist


However, you can't always avoid tiny slivers in your layout. How you can descrease the process time?